Exploitation & Trafficking

According to this title post, "Exploitation and Trafficking" is chosen for today's post of mine. This kind of activity is spreading widely throughout the world. Children, adults and even the elderly are the victims of these reprobate activities. Many tears and blood have been sacrificed for all of this without any mercy from the inhuman people or more appropriate, MONSTER

As we all know, MTV and other organizations are giving their hands to put an end to this. 
Lets support and give them our hands to help the world to stop this prohibition acts.

Thanks to this song, I've been inspired to be a helper instead a deaf person to all of this misery. With the help of MTV EXIT. This video is quite interesting too. Check it out! 

Simple Plan - This Song Saved My Life
Source: YouTube

NO more tears.
NO more blood. 

It's true you know. Take a note guys.

- > ENJOY < -

Specially from Ms. Writer,
-Dhia Dzihni-

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